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Originally Posted by Janerixon View Post
You are right, but you have to pay to get those years of unrestricted free agency. I just don't see Sather giving Staal 4.5 million a year, but he has to be paid more than Girardi, so i say 4 to 4.3 tops average over 5 years.

Also staal's offensive game was starting to come together at the end of the season, if he continues to improve that could be a very good deal come season 5 or 6 of the deal if it goes that long.
Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
For a one or two year deal, yeah that'd be too much.

If you're going for a long term deal, though, you're not going to have the option of keeping the price super low and still getting 5+ years out of it.

You want to lock Staal up, you're going to have to at least pay him more than Girardi, even if he doesn't have the arbitration rights Girardi did
I agree philosophically with what both of you are saying. I think it is a smart move to pay a bit of a premium now to get Staal locked up long term. As Erixon said, buying UFA years is expensive. If Staals offensive game develops then 4.5mill will be a terrific bargain.

Girardi is a bit of a different animal because he was on his 3rd contract. He had signed his 2nd contract for 2 years 1.4 per. Staal is signing his 2nd right now and doesn't have arbitration rights. So it isn't an apples to apples comparison. However, he should still be paid more than Girardi because he is a superior player so that is all moot.

Look at the contract Volchenkov signed as a UFA this summer. 4.25 cap hit. Defensive D-Man. He was a UFA and only got 4.25 on the open market. I am fine with Staal getting 4.5 because in the end he is a lot more important to us than he would be to other teams. I just wouldn't view it as a terrific bargain.

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