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09-14-2010, 04:21 PM
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Agree with predfan24, Burrows (and Kesler at times) does things that make me wince as a Canucks fan, but there's no doubt about their level of compete, or Burrows heart for being an undrafted ball-hockey player that scratched and clawed his way into the NHL, leaves everything on the ice, does whatever's asked of him to climb from being a fourth-line injury-filler to being on the top-line scoring 30 goals. He's got enough talent and heart that he can make it in the league and help his team win without the antics, but while I see why others hate him, he's a player I love to have here, especially since he signed a 4-year, $2 million/year deal and is delivering 30+ goals (and not always when he's with the Twins).

But the player I'm surprised isn't getting more hate-on here is Pronger, that guy is dirty in a way that injures people (what sticks in my mind is his stomping on the exposed leg of that is the lowest of the low, not flailing around on the ice trying to draw a penalty, but using your skate blade to injure). Plus his prima donna demands, signing a long-term deal and then demanding to be traded (even the "suspected" reasons for this make me think even lower of his character).

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