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Originally Posted by TMLOBI View Post
I am wondering if I buy used hockey equipment what precautions should I take to make sure I don't get sick or anything from the used gear? I am getting a good deal (I think) on a few items for my 6 year old niece and the last thing I want is for her to get sick in anyway. I am buying a pair of skates, a helmet, elbow pads, shoulder pads, shin pads and a pair of gloves for under $60. I think this is a pretty decent deal as long as they are in good condition. The same items would retail for $300+ easily. So yeah how do I go about cleaning and making sure there is no bacteria or anything harmful left over.

Any thing used is OK...But I have always stressed this to every parent who I have ever come in contact with...never ever buy used skates.. would my size 8 shoe be comfortable for you after I have walked in them for a year even though we are different heights...different weights and different walking styles even though we are the same size feet??? You don't have to buy the most expensive skates because they are pretty cheap for kids...$30-$40 bucks should do it. If the kid who wore those skates before you Niece skated on his ankles and that is why they gave up hockey do you want your niece to do the same???....If you are going to buy USED SKATES...make sure that they can be heat treated with a BLOW DRYER AND BE REMOLDED!!! But just like new and let her mold her own feet!

I can't stress this enough...Just to let you last pair of hockey skates I bought for my son while he was playing midget hockey....$550. + tax....Mission Flys..but because they can be remolded he never has to buy another pair of skates....even tho he only plays in the beer leauges today! Hope this helps Bro.

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