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09-15-2010, 02:14 AM
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This is all so ridiculous HIHD, the Bertuzzi and Homer deals will have a cap hit either equal to, or greater than, the salary that the player is paid over the course of the deal (greater than if the guys were to retire early since they are 35+ deals).

The Kovalchuk deal has the potential, and arguably demonstrates the intent, to have a player, play for a certain amount, while the total cap hit is significantly less than the amount paid to the player.

You can argue pedantics about how dissimilar that is to a non exhaustive list all you want, but the fact of the matter is that the Kovalchuck deal was designed to avoid some cap hit from ever existing, unlike trading in a second year on a 35+ contract.

The same goes for your final point about the Zetterberg and Franzen contracts, sure they may do the same thing, but the likelyhood of them retiring early is entirely different to the likelyhood of Kovalchuck retiring early and the law isn't simply binary, that's why there is a difference between Manslaughter and Murder in the first degree, much like there is a difference between the Zetterberg deal and the Kovalchuk deal, the fact of the matter is, even the approved Kovalchuk deal is a more significant case of "cap circumvention" than anything Holland did with his 2 contracts.

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