Thread: Salary Cap: So, Lou... still best buds?
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09-15-2010, 07:37 AM
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And by the way, if we want to talk about blatant acts of cap 'circumvention' not taken into account by a poorly-written CBA... hey how about what happened with Huet?

The cap exemption that was created for players leaving to go play in other leagues was I would assume designed so that if the player decided to leave the team wasn't stuck with his cap number, a la Hudler.

That's not what happened. The Hawks shooed him out the door to clear his whole amount rather than sending him to the AHL, which would have made it impossible for them to sign the players they have and still be within 10% of the cap by the day prior to the first day of the year.

Totally legal under the CBA in my opinion, but probably a more blatant twisting of a rule to create cap space than any other single deal proposed or signed we've yet seen in the NHL.

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