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Originally Posted by TMLOBI View Post
I am wondering if I buy used hockey equipment what precautions should I take to make sure I don't get sick or anything from the used gear? I am getting a good deal (I think) on a few items for my 6 year old niece and the last thing I want is for her to get sick in anyway. I am buying a pair of skates, a helmet, elbow pads, shoulder pads, shin pads and a pair of gloves for under $60. I think this is a pretty decent deal as long as they are in good condition. The same items would retail for $300+ easily. So yeah how do I go about cleaning and making sure there is no bacteria or anything harmful left over.

First off, awesome that you are getting your niece into hockey! I can't wait until my son is old enough to get into skates

For kids, there are a few KEY pieces of gear that you shouldn't skimp on:

Skates - absolutely #1, without good skates, a kid won't have balance. Most skates are made pretty well nowadays, and little kids won't have to worry about stiffness and durability so much, but just make sure the fit is very tight on the heel and ankle while being comfortable up near the toes. And make sure the boot isn't too worn down and the steel is straight and can hold an edge. Used skates are fine, but do not buy them big!

Helmet - #2 most important because little kids fall a lot and heads cannot be replaced! Honestly anything that fits well and doesn't slide around and is comfortable would be fine. Unless she's particularly tall or athletic, she probably won't be falling with enough impact to require a fancy $150 helmet. And get a good silver cage, black bars are awful! Don't forget the mouthguard (the kind that ties to the cage). I would tend to buy new helmets unless the used one is in pristine shape.

Elbow pads - #3 most important because little kids fall a lot onto their elbows, and you don't want them getting all bruised up. Don't have to spend much money at all, just some elbow pads that don't slide around, stay on tight, and have a sturdy design with some padding on the inside. Avoid the flimsy foam ones. Clean used elbow pads are fine.

Pants - #4 because when you fall on your butt you want padding! You want lots of padding around the hip and tailbone...if she falls and hurts herself, she won't want to play anymore...don't skimp! Used pants are a bargain IMO, if they are in decent shape and clean.

Shin pads - grab whatever cheap shin pads you want that don't slide around, not too crucial at this age. Used are fine.

Gloves - again, at this age cheap gloves that fit and are comfortable are fine. I would buy new because gloves are disgusting used.

Shoulder pads - cheap shoulder pads that fit and are comfortable are fine and you can go used.

Stick - stick with a good quality wooden stick made for kids. The flatter the blade, the better, try to find one without a curve on it. If the youth models come up to her chin or higher that's the one to get...if the youth models are shorter than her chin, find a shorter junior stick...but I'd imagine youth would suit her just fine.

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