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10-03-2003, 09:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Fire Bobby Clarke
For everyone who does not see the point to my post...I am not saying forgive him because he is a hockey player...all I am saying is cut him a little slack because he is still a kid...If Snyder was not laid up in the hospital right now you guys would not be so harsh with your criticisms towards him.

As I know it is also mandatory to wear your seatbelt and Snyder obviously was not wearing his...I understand Heatley faces all types of charges...the law is the law and I understand that but I heard someone saying the Snyders familly should file a civil suit...typicall american always quick to sue someone.

Heatly is a nice kid I have seen him play hockey since his days in junior...he was always polite and down to earth when he was interviewed...All I am saying is give the kid a little compassion because he will need after the events that occured.

And no I do not beleive athletes should get a break and for that matter should not face stiffer penalties either.

Someone else above saying he should rot in jial...for what speeding and losing control...holy **** thank god you dončt run the country I would probably get 2 years for J walking.

I hope both players have a speedy recovery and that Snyder is able to play hockey again
First off:

Snyder may be living the rest of his life wearing a helmet and having full time nursing care. The chances of him playing hockey in the NHL at this point are not good at all. At this point, I'd call it a pipe dream. This is going to sound brutal and blunt, but you don't seem to be getting it, so here goes:

Snyder is more likely to play hockey in the Special Olympics than the NHL.


If Snyder wasn't hurt, of course people would be cutting Heatley a lot more slack. The fact of the matter is that Snyder did get hurt, very severely. The fault for this (unless some crazy event occured, like a malfunction of the car, or Snyder putting his foot on the gas pedal) lies with Heatley, and ONLY with Heatley. He was the one in control of the car at the time of the crash.


He's not a kid. He's in his early 20's, he went to college, I'm sure he was smart enough to realize what happens when you crash a car at 80mph on a winding suburban road.


Snyder may have been wearing his seatbelt. Did you see the photos of the wreck? The passenger side seatbelt is ripped in half. This was not a little fender bender here. The car was absolutely devastated.


If I'm right (and I hope I'm not, I hope Dan Snyder has a beats the odds and has a great recovery) about the medical situation, the Snyder family is going to be paying for this for the rest of Dan Snyder's life. A civil suit in this situation would make perfectly logical sense.

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