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09-15-2010, 10:10 AM
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Originally Posted by JRZ DVLS View Post
Enjoyed reading outsiders points on this.

As many Devs fans will point out, Lou was not the one behind this...This was Ownership....Lou was doing what ownership wanted (for a first i'd Suppose) Purely Marketing for NJD. The money the Devs were fined this year will be supplemented easily by the Nets and NY Liberty playing in the Rock this season FWIW, so not many of us are upset about the monetary fine..
Lou is pretty influential guy, from my understanding, with the owner who seems to have let him make the big decisions without interference.

I accept that it was the ownership pushing this, but does that mean there's a new disconnect between them, or has it always been like that when push came to shove?

As a Devils fan, the thing that bothers me and many others is that the fine is placed on NJ only....As many of you are talking about, the punishments could easily go against Det/Chi/Van/Phi...But no, the NHL/NHLPA Collectively bargained not to further investigate......Seriously?? And i suppose they Collectively bargained to punish NJD as the others that did the same thing sit back and say better them than me.
To nitpick, the agreement was that the NHLPA gave the NHL a window in which they could penalize NJD if they chose to do so knowing the NHLPA would not contest the decision.

Normally the NHL would have to provide the NHLPA with evidence/proof but the NHLPA waived that right in exchange for letting Kovy's latest contract go, not penalizing any of the players (and thus grandfathering the existing contracts), and accepting the amendment on how future SPC's would be governed [wrt to the addition of the weasel years].

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