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09-15-2010, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Jules801 View Post
So, I got my half of the season tix from my coworker today. Does anyone else notice a strong similarity in the pics on the tickets to all the 'shops we've all been doing????????
I thought the same thing when I got mine.

Originally Posted by ilovetheflyers8 View Post
Weren't there a few people earlier in the Summer who said they had gone to some sort of amway pyramid scheme meeting earlier this Summer thinking it was a legitimate business thing? I don't know much about that stuff but, I got invited to participate in something that it has been suggested might be like that.

Basically a guy called me because someone mentioned my name to him. He didn't tell me exactly what they did, but instead referred me to a website to see if I understood some terms, and he said if I didn't understand the terms then I wouldn't be a good fit. The video was very vague and was basically a collection of phrases- social networking media, time compounding, and I can't remember the other ones. The video made it seem like the business had something to do with using social media to sell already existing products from major companies. It stressed that it would require work to make money, and there was no guarantees that I would profit immediately.

In order to learn more about what they did I would have to attend a seminar, I thought that perhaps the reason for this was that they had a good idea, and didn't want to share it with random people who could just steal it. I ended up telling the guy I was too busy to do it this semester and he seemed eager to still get me involved, later on, and also asked me if I knew anyone else, but I didn't give him anymore contacts. My friend talked to the guy and he wouldn't say exactly how they made money, but said basically they sell leadership training. He kept stressing that my friend (let's call him Bob saying my friend is getting annoying) could make a decent chunk of money over the next month or so, but was kind of evasive on how it worked, and Bob pointed out to me that he didn't think the model was sustainable, and that perhaps he could make that money this month, but not the next.

Does this sound like a scheme? I'm not getting involved either way, but the guy who referred me is involved so I was just curious. This experience and "Bob" mentioning amway to me reminded me of a discussion about it earlier.

Also if you look up the end of the company's url it is claimed that it has connections to quixtar which was connected to amway, or something like that?

edit: I'm 22, I'm not sure if I heard the sound I may have very faintly? But, I know I have some hearing loss from when I was a little kid, though it isn't bad. It isn't BS though, I remember hearing that some kids were using something simmilar as ring tones in middle school/high school because teachers generally couldn't hear them. They actually installed a louder noise maker like this at a metro station in D.C. recently- the comment made about it being racist and ageist has some validity. Basically they are trying to keep young black kids from hanging out around there, while white yuppies frolic around. I see and understand how one could support it, but I still don't like it. Also for those of you who don't know, that stop is pretty much at the Verizon center, and I don't think it's particularly dangerous like one of the interviewees states. If you are there at night on a weekend there are lots of people around. .
It's ********. A friend of mine did something like that, tried talking me into because it was TEH BEST EVAR! and they ended up stealing **** tons of money from him.

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