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Originally Posted by Jimers View Post
I'm not talking about deking and dangling the puck around, just tapping it tightly with as little puck movement as possible. And whether I'm using my peripheral vision or looking straight at the puck, I just lose my cadence. I may not "lose" the puck completely, but I can't keep a consistent rhythm.
I found this video pretty helpful last year:

I don't think it's important to try to be as fast as the guys in the video, or to get "as little puck movement as possible." Concentrate more on the range of movement, rather than how fast you can do it, as I think being able to move the puck to different areas is much more valuable than being able to 'dribble' it quickly/tightly.

This video also has a few good ideas:

And here's an Yzerman video:

You can see that being able to move the puck large distances was more important than being able to quickly 'dribble' the puck. Also, when he doesn't need to protect the puck, he just pushes it (why complicate things if you're in the clear).

Hope some of this helps : )

Also, if you are right-handed and shoot right (or are left-handed & a left-shooter), then a surprising bit of information I came across in some video last year is that the upper hand (left hand for me) is actually really important in stickhandling. Don't do it all with your lower hand. Use the upper hand to turn the stick over to cup the puck better. Do some one-handed drills to build up strength in that upper hand if it's not your dominant hand.

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