Thread: Salary Cap: So, Lou... still best buds?
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09-15-2010, 03:00 PM
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Originally Posted by JRZ DVLS View Post
As a Devils fan, the thing that bothers me and many others is that the fine is placed on NJ only....As many of you are talking about, the punishments could easily go against Det/Chi/Van/Phi...But no, the NHL/NHLPA Collectively bargained not to further investigate......Seriously?? And i suppose they Collectively bargained to punish NJD as the others that did the same thing sit back and say better them than me.
Yeah, you guys got absolutely screwified by Bettman.

There are some Tin Foil-y explanations for how all of this was really an elaborate put-up by Lamoriello to give Bettman an opportunity to close the CBA loophole the dummy left, but while I tend to get into that kind of thing... even I can't buy that Lou would let the Devils get this pummeled just to do Bettman a solid.

The thing that's going to really, really hurt is if that #1 pick you lose ends up being a good player.

IMO Bettman's gone after the next CBA negotiations. I don't think he burns Lou this badly if he thought he was going to need him two or three years down the road.

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