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Originally Posted by The Wheeled Winger View Post
So after having moved to Colorado after having lived in a part of Florida where the word 'ice' is about equivalent in usage to a question mark, I've decided to take up ice skating (and hopefully rec hockey, eventually). Yesterday, I picked up some used gear. This includes:

CCM Helmet (with cage, in quite good shape. Removed the cage for now)
CCM hockey pants
Mission Amp 6 skates still in good shape
Bauer shinguards in decent shape
Sherwood elbow pads in decent shape
Plus I have some snow gloves that should make for decent gloves for now

Seeing as I'm about as stable as a drunken kangaroo on skates, how much would someone here recommend wearing for lessons? Though I haven't fallen yet, I'm still getting used to the idea of going forward, and stopping is all but non-existent. Seeing as I'll likely be working in these things in lessons, and that I'm looking for work and don't want to look like I've been in a bar fight in any potential interviews, what should I protect?

I was figuring at least the pants and the noggin' protector.
Just regular skating lessons? If there's no hockey involved just go skates and the helmet if you feel it necessary. If after a lesson or two and you feel like you're holding back because you're worried about injury then maybe put on some more gear to take it out of your mind. Unless you spectacularly wipe out most falls aren't nearly as painful as they may look.

As to the gloves; get a pair of real hockey gloves for playing. The first time someone clips your hands you'll realize your snow gloves were a baaaad idea.

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