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09-15-2010, 06:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Yemack View Post

well im sure you are right but i'll try to read it when i have time. right now i dont.
alright i just skimmed through your post. (You should understand the last thing you want to do after couple hrs listening and thinking about molecular biology + theoretical math you dont even want to know about is to go line by line of your post.)

Firstly I'm just gonna ignore last half of your post because it seems to revolve around your logic in first half.

well IMO, it doesnt friggin matter what kind of examples CBA stated in letters. Sometimes common sense prevails and if you do exploit loophole in a biblical proportion, big brother will come down on you. I don't care if you agree or not, it is true and you soon or later will learn it if you havent already.

That's the reason why noone came up with 60 yr contract. Why do you think arbitrator ruled Kovy's contract a circumvention? Did arbitrator make a mistake? I'm curious to hear about your reasoning. Anyway whatever you me or whoever think about the exact boundary of 'circumvention', in the end, arbitrator ruled it invalid and that's the end of that.

Also I've never claimed I've known exactly where the line was within millimeters of range. I'm not that versed in rules nor care about that much. I just know when something smells like fish to me, it probably is one. In Kovy's case, not only it smelled like one, but had a huge sign attached to it.

oh btw I wasn't trying to ... what was the word you used? insult? insult you? roflmao. Look, why would I want to insult you? If I wanted to, let me assure you you would know immediately about it. Maybe I misunderstood and you are just that thin skinned. I'll make a mental note of that and will try to baby you next time.

and please, keep it short if you can for me please. I've read that CBA (d) twice and still dont have clue what the heck is it talking about.

ps. on a side note, I would have to concede that thare wasn't a specific clause of kovy's situation. Also you really should believe me when I say I didnt want to insult you. I know how excited you can get when people publicly disagree with you and I just dont have capability right now to handle such rage posts.

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