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Originally Posted by JT Dutch View Post
... What's actually obvious here is that you're Lombardi's biggest fan and never going to look at him as anything but an excellent GM and the savior of the Kings, and that's fine -- honestly I don't care one way or the other, it's an exercise in futility to change people's minds and you're never going to think otherwise.

I didn't flunk Lombardi, in fact I've pointed out the good things he's done here. A lot of those good things, however, have come at the expense of the team absolutely sucking. Is it THAT hard for a GM to build a prospect base if all the team does is suck for the first three years he's there? Is it THAT hard to build the prospect base when he sacrifices talent he inherited (Cammalleri) in order to acquire prospects? How much credit do you want to give him? Even if he gets an A- or a B+ for building the prospect base (which is pretty damn generous if you ask me), he gets a D- or an F for the results that have actually been produced up to this point. His W-L record and his playoff record could change this coming season, and that's why I said all the grades could change, but the fact of the matter is that right now his record is absolutely terrible.

There was a critical goaltending issue last season, and Lombardi cared so much about it that he did nothing. He had a chance at a marquee free agent in this offseason, and he blew it. His key forward and key goaltender were already in the system when he got here, in fact 4 of his 6 best forwards (Kopitar, Brown, Stoll, Frolov) were either already here or acquired by trading what he already had here. His best defenseman was a no-brainer pick brought on by the team sucking. So, he deserves credit for their performance??? His free agent signings have shown more failures than successes. His trading record is average at best. Where is this supposed "higher grade" supposed to come from? His promises? His bashing of college hockey programs? What justifies a higher rating?
I have never made a secret about my agreement with the direction that Lombardi has taken the organization. If that makes me a "fan", so be it.

He did inherit some young talent, but to his credit he recognized that it was futile to do what AEG had asked and rebuild while remaining "competitive". Yes, he started trading away veteran assets that had value and stockpiled picks and prospects. That was a good idea, and not as easy a decision as some would like to believe. Maybe it is obvious in hindsight, but I don't think a lot of you were happy about it. I was very happy to be getting away from 8th - 11th place in the conference and into a draft position that would allow the Kings to select some elite young talent in the draft.

Doughty wasn't a no-brainer and the Kings did their homework in drafting him, but you give no credit for that.

The trades have been fine for the most part. The most glaring mistake was the trade for Cloutier and then signing him to an extension. But whatever JT, all of this has been discussed so many times with you that it really has become quite boring and tiresome.

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