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09-15-2010, 08:56 PM
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Originally Posted by deriik2020 View Post
It's amazing odc makes a horrible comment grounded in no fact whatsoever and he's actually trumped by the people who are taking the logical position here yet defendging it so horribly that ODC comes off looking like the one who's right. Hank obviously can handle his sh**. He's the best goalie in the game imo. He doesn't give a crap what the team is doing but he knows if the team scores he can hold the other team down so you're damn right he likes Torts 5 pt system better than renneys 1 and pray.
Problem is the skaters suck at scoring haha so they had to dial it back.

I don't think he was toeing any company line. If you really look at the situation it seems pretty illogical to say that he was just saying the right thing. What's more ODC your way of making your point was pure garbage. It's like youy want the attention. maybe you do maybe you need people to acknowledge you so you can argue and validate yourself that way. Jersey girl had the perfect response.

But let's not leave out the equally horrendous responses by the people argueing w ODC. Fact is he coulda said he liked both for diff reasons. It makes SENSE he prefers Torts system. He's not even saying he likes the coach he's saying sytem. I swear half the people on this board think by being conforntational creeps that they are gonna impress some hockey exec or blogger somewhere and get signed for a radio show. Newsflash no one is reading your posts except for other die hard ranger nerds. You're impressing no one with the dumb "wit" and sarcasm. A few bad comments gotta ruin what's a great hockey resource and fan discussion forum

Why is it so hard for you people to just make a good point like Jersey girl did and edge always does and just feel comfortable that your point says it all. Trust me it pisses off the arrogant "vets" on this board to no end and it makes u actually seem smart.
Talk about looking for attention....jeez

and as for defending ODC, I did indeed provide an example of why I agreed with him, and it was an example using Hanks own words from the very same interview, clearly showing he has no desire to rock the boat or give his own real feelings on issues pertaining to the coach. When Hank talks about how it bothered him for weeks that they missed the playoffs, and he's asked why Gaborik didn't shoot in the shoot-out against philly, and he DOESN"T take the coach to task for not using their best player when it counted, the yes, we are justified in saying he doesn't want to upset the applecart.
I also went on to say that I believed Hank's assessment to point where if Torts system was working, he may be happier, but the truth is Torts system hasn't worked yet, and Hank said himself he's been under the same workload.
So fire back, with your high and mighty assessment of us hockey nerds, but I call it like I see, and I listened to the interview.
If you can't handle people sharing their opinions....and I know its hard ON A FORUM WHERE PEOPLE COME TO SHARE THEIR OPINIONS, then maybe you should be the bigger man and find a place where you can attack people instead of talking hockey.

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