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Originally Posted by allstar3970 View Post
and your anti-torts position doesn't skew your POV to immediately dismiss anything positive said about him, while taking everything negative as gospel right? I mean if the 7th defenseman in Hartford's girlfriend broke up with him you'd find some way to connect it to "Torts the Clown"
This is what I mean. No logic. No facts just inferences sarcasm and a smiley b/c he doesn't feel confident enough in his point to just make it and leave it at that. And this is a guy on my side of the fence opinion wise. It's the delivery of the opinion I'm talking about not the opinion itself here. This board is NOT a place for sharing opinions it's high school essentially complete with cliques, being socially ostracized, talking behind people's backs and occassionally a great source of knowledge, logic and reasoning. Such a contradiction.

Robruckus two posts later defends ODC's stance but does so brilliantly I have no problem with robruckus even though he has a differing point because he argued it logically and reasonably. Please tell me you understand what i'm trying to say here and that this misconcpetion is cleared up.

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