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09-15-2010, 09:55 PM
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Originally Posted by smoneil View Post
Nothing can really be decided until the battle for first line center is won. We know Gaborik is 1st line RW. We know that Frolov was basically promised 1st line LW. That leaves a gaping hole between the two, keeping it from being a true first line.

Frolov #1C Battle Gaborik

I honestly think we'll see Christensen, White, Prospal, Dubinsky, Stepan, Drury and Anisimov get looks between Frolov and Gaborik during camp. This team NEEDS a top line, and whichever one of those players looks like they can drive it will get that spot.

The outcome of that battle impacts all of the others. If White doesn't nail down the top center job, he's useless at his salary. I honestly think he's #1 center or bust. I don't see Stepan staying with the big club unless he catches lightning in a bottle on that top line, either (similar to MDZ last year).

If White (and his salary) sticks on that top line, it's the automatic death knell for Wade Redden's time as a NY Ranger. If White goes down, then players like Gilroy, Eminger, and MZA all become much bigger waiver targets. We want Redden sent down. I believe that Torts/Sather are willing to do that. I do not think that they will do that lightly, and if they can keep him without hurting the team, I feel he will stay.

I just don't see where Kennedy fits. He's not a very good center, and even if he were, he's not a 4th line center, which is the only C spot he'd even be in the running to get. He'd be behind half a dozen players at Center. He's behind Frolov, Dubinsky, Avery and Prospal at LW. I just don't see how he fits into the roster (unless Prospal and/or Dubinsky play center, and Avery gets sent down to HFD).

That said, I just think it's almost useless to speculate on the lower lines. We won't even know who is competing for those spots (or how serious a chance they will have relative to their cap hits) until after the 1st line center is settled.
nice post, it reflects my feelings as well

I agree on White's status. He is either going to be #1 center or will stay the season in the AHL since if he gets called up he is waiver material and NY will be on the hook for part of it.

My gut tells me there is a place on the team for Kennedy, this is due to his salary (thank you buffalo) his skill and the conditions under which he signed in NYC

Also feel that both Kennedy and MZA bring a similar game in that they are smaller in stature skill guys. As such I believe the team has space for 1 of the 2. As such I believe that MZA starts the season in the AHL and will get the call at some point down the road. Of course he could come in and burn up the pre-season forcing his way on the team. That would be a good problem for the rangers to have.

I am not sold on Avery having a slot on the team. He was pretty terrible last year and I think Torts wants a fire under his @$$. Having said that a motivated and angry Sean Avery is an important part of the ranger sandpaper.

I just don't see Christensen being a major factor for NY, unless he shows up when he is called upon and forces coach to keep him in the lineup. Maybe the Manhattan lifestyle is just what EC needs to motivate him. Lord knows he has had his chances...

Either Redden's or Rozi's days are numbered. One of the two of them will not start the season in NY. After hearing coach talk about wade's exit interview I am rather convinced the music has stopped and wade doesn't have a seat to sit on. Maybe that gets his competitive juices flowing and he takes the opportunity to improve his game in the AHL hoping to return to NY and prove them wrong. It would be a nice story, both for him and the club which could use a smooth skating vet with chops. Redden is fodder or Rozi is bait one of the two.

lower lines wise I think it will boil down to useful-ness and chemistry. Prust looked great as a ranger and if he can play the PK I think he is a lock. Boogaard wasn't signed to sit in the pressbox. He was reported to be training with Datsyuk so I think he plays the full schedule of games with an occasional night off against the less aggressive teams in the league. Boyle needs to be physical otherwise he should not be a part of the team thus it is up to him. But these 3 guys have the inside edge.

I don't believe Fedotenko makes the club, but perhaps signs a 2 way and hopes to play down the stretch and look to make some noise in the second season assuming the cards fall in the right way for NY to make the second season.

I mentioned it in another post but NY lost 2 games to the Lottery team Toronto Maple Leafs down the stretch last season. They failed to gain even a point. They lost their chance at the post season in those two games, not the philly series.

so at the risk of repeating myself, nice post you helped make my day a brighter one

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