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09-15-2010, 11:17 PM
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Originally Posted by deriik2020 View Post
Honestly this is a place where it seems sometimes most people look to impose their opinions not share them. That's what annoys me. Also i lumped myself in with the rest of the people as hockey nerds including those who seem to have a high and mighty view of themselves. In reality we a re just nerds. I can't help but ask you if you thought I was critical of people's opinions and you honestly thought that I can't handle people's opinions than why was your respone to my opinion of people's opinions so harsh and why would you suggest I leave just b/c you didn't agree with my opinion. Seems very hypocritical to me.
And thats fair because your right, alot of times people do try to impose their opinions on others by being dismissive and condecending, and that isn't right. But I think
those people are better ignored than called out when we feel like that is the case because when I read your reply I felt like I was being attacked for agreeing with ODC, and the truth is were all free to agree or disagree with whoever we want.

To answer your question at the end though-
It's hard to tell someones intent when reading what they write because your not hearing the tone in their voice. Your post sounded malicious because you didn't agree with opinion of ODC more than anything else. Maybe I interpreted it wrong, but I thought your post was more an attack on our opinions just for having them, than it was a disagreement with them in content. Your whole post seemed like it could have been summed up with a single line stating-
"You guys have to be stupid to agree with this".
I'm more than happy to read your opinions, the reason I suggested you leave is because you made it seem like people with opinions contrary to yours ruin the boards, so I figured you'd be happier not reading them. Be assured though, I'm fully aware my goading would not result in you leaving the boards, nor would I want that.

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