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10-03-2003, 08:56 PM
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Originally Posted by KariyaIsGod
Yes, right... They carried him. He scored a point a game but they carried him right? Ok... I guess half the players who have ever made it have been carried too...
Okay obfuscate all you want.

Well anyway, PK's points didn't exactly carry the Ducks to game seven of the SCF alone, did they? He was one of several players who lead the team in production; if you recall the Ducks had very balanced team scoring all throughout the playoffs. But PK didn't exactly stand out in the SCFs with the exception of scoring after the Stevens hit. He sure didn't take a leadership role. And isn't that the topic of this thread? I'll spell it out for you: L-E-A-D-E-R-S-H-I-P. Can you read that? And I don't mean leading in scoring. That really proves the strength of a team captain? Maybe in your twisted thought process.

No, you are so myopic in your blind devotion to Paul Kariya that you can't see what real leadership is.

Was it Paul Kariya, the captain, who stood up and addressed his team mates and the media when the Ducks were down 0-2 in the SCFs? No, that would be Jiggy. Where was the captain? At some point (the SCFs would be a good point), the captain, even one who leads by example, needs to take a stand and light a fire under the team when they don't show up for the most important games of their careers.

People who know the Ducks say that Steve Rucchin has been the heart and soul of the team, and he, Keith Carney, and Jiggy are the real leaders of the team. The true leadership of the Ducks was apparent in the SC playoffs, and it wasn't your Lord and Savior Kariya. Maybe that's another reason why he bolted. He knew the Ducks were no longer his team.

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