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10-03-2003, 09:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Foppa2118
I never saw the hype on Willsie. He was called up five times last year, and never did anything. The only point he had was an assist. I was baffled when he took a roster spot for the playoffs, instead of someone who deserved it more(I can't remember who it was, I just remember it confused me) Both Hartley and Granato seemed high on this guy, as they gave him plenty of shots to be on the team. He just seemed invisible to me out there, and I don't usually say that about players, because I usually can notice how a player is contributing defensively. Maybe he will find a home in Washington and prove me wrong, he has probably earned it considering I never saw a problem with his work ethic.

At least Aubin will be able to play in the NHL and have a role this year, which probably couldn't be said if he had stayed with the Avs. I kept thinking Aubin was going to break out last year but he never did. I remember a bunch of games where the line of Aubin, Hinote and Hahl looked strong, and actually looked like the best line out there, but just couldn't finish. Oh well good luck to him too, maybe Hartley can bring it out of him.

So now how do the bottom two lines look? I assume along with everbody else that Smith gets sent down. So that makes Svatos, McCormick, and Cummins(by the way what are the chances of the Avs signing Cummins and sending him down, I wonder if he would play in the AHL, maybe its NHL or bust at this point for him) as the natural fowards that could be sent down. And Liles and McAllister as the natural defensman with McAllister possibly filling in as a foward. Am I missing anybody? I was kinda surprised Slovak got sent down, I thought he would have been a steadier guy out there, but I guess Liles just impressed the hell out of everybody. From what I hear, he is sound defensively as well, and has a good stick.

I'm guessing...

Battaglia - Nikolishin - Svatos

Worrel - Hahl - Hinote

Cummins to take Hahl's spot when someone goes down with an injury.
McCormick to take the same spot under the same circumstances.
McAllister to fill in as a foward or D depending on how bad they need toughness and size. (i.e Worrell being out)

I don't like the idea of a rookie like McCormick sitting in the stands, but I don't see how he can take anybody's spot on the roster. I think Svatos has done more to impress, and show he can play in the NHL, but McCormick is bigger and can throw is weight around out there, and would be a good fit as a fourth line center. Maybe Smith will stay and McCormick will go down and get some playing time, being the first to get called up.

I just can't see both McCormick and Svatos staying with the Avs.

I believe that if they both stayed, their development would be seriously hampered. It would be a total waste. Svatos seems like the more mature player from what I can tell ...but he also seems like the ideal call up if someone on the top 6 gets injured. With that line of thinking ...maybe McCormick is the guy who stays. His future potential seems to be that of a 3rd liner anyways ...IMO. He's more of a Granato/Tocchet player. He can hit, fight, play a decent defensive role, and score the odd goal. He's also something like 6'2" and 210lbs. I think the plan is to bulk up on the 3rd and 4th lines in order to make up for the softness up front.

I wouldn't be surprised if Smith stays. Another guy who likes to drop the gloves ...and if he stays we then have a possible 8 dmen. Seven and 8 being Big Mac and Smith ...who have also been played as forwards this preseason. I guess there is some flexability with them both.


(Hinote and McCormick could switch places)



McAllister and Smith


Theres your 23 man roster in my opinion.

Svatos being the first guy called up if something happens to one of the top six.

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