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09-16-2010, 11:58 AM
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[QUOTE=Rick Blaine;27800853]I've got Sorrento. He seems like a pretty cool dude and I think it'll get better, but it's not hard to spot the *******s in a class like that.

No idea who he is. It's a shame though, cause I actually enjoyed my film classes, and there's always a handful of those ********** who are just in it to sleep or watch movies for an hour, and never know what's going on during discussions.

Originally Posted by Rick Blaine View Post
I'm about 25 minutes...and I'd be going home during rush hour traffic, so it's really not worth it. I'm in the midst of figuring out stuff to do though, so I'm hoping each week gets better.
You've always got the mall or **** like that. It's not too far, even if there is traffic. Or you can always just walk to the Victor and drink or get something to eat.

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