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09-16-2010, 02:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Great8Cam View Post
Markie should've stopped all 4 GAA. Foster looked better than Markie when all was said and done. Foster did so much better than I thought he would. UNH is Olympic ice and he was able to handle the much smaller and faster game than I thought he could.

McFarland and Dadanov continue to be the best. Guds was no big deal, but for the fight. He has alot to show if he wants to make it this year.

Most of these guys, almost everyone of them, need more time to develop. This is based upon the 2 games and the team practice.

The following should be in camp: McFarland, Dadanov (obvious pick, he was 2 heads and 5 shoulders above all other Panthers), Comrie, Howden, Berger, Timmins, Rintoul and Durocher (both played hard today and were noticeable so maybe an invite), Guds, and probably Fast and Robak. The 3 goalies as well.

The rest don't have any reason to be here yet. Maybe Jenks also.

Petrovic did not play the man well at all on the 2nd goal (I think it was the 2nd goal) and he just wasn't impressive enough to get an invite, but I'm sure they will give it anyway.

The rest are not ready for this level, and a stretch for those who are AHL eligible.
Could you elaborate on Rintoul's play a bit? I don't know much about him and why he should stay.

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