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Part XII: Phx Coyotes - Still haven't found what I'm looking for

Originally Posted by GSC2k2 View Post
I heard this interview before.

Others seem to have construed your remarks to constitute a statement that IEH never intended to purchase the team - at all (hence the "vindicated" comments that have followed).

I am hoping you will confirm, Whileee, that this is not what you intended to convey. the reason why i hope this is because, if it is not and you are saying that Jones stated they never really intended to purchase the team, then you would be engaging in 100% mischaracterization bordering on fabrication. He said no such thing, of course.

I hope you will clarify your post accordingly.
GSC... Now look what you made me do. I had to start a whole new thread to respond.

What I conveyed was that Jones indicated that the IEH group had not been interested in ownership in an NHL franchise, but that they became interested in the opportunity presented by the bankruptcy proceedings. I also think it is fair to say that he suggested that the subsequent developments altered the landscape and diminished their avidity and/or ability to pursue this. I am paraphrasing, of course. I think that he used the term "intrigued", rather than "interested".

I don't think that what I posted conveyed that they never intended to purchase the team. It is obvious that they did, though I think that the implication of his statement of "intrigue" in the context of the bankruptcy situation suggests that they hoped to be able to do so with less investment and less risk through a clean start on lease provisions and other financial considerations. Perhaps he meant that they had misjudged the opportunity.

I stand by my interpretation that IEH probably knew that their financial capacity was marginal, and that had they been more explicit about their financial capacity prior to being forced to do so it would have made the situation clearer for Glendale. Do you disagree?

I don't have much control over how others interpret my posts, nor how you do, evidently.

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