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09-16-2010, 05:03 PM
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Originally Posted by JT Dutch View Post
... Lombardi's first two seasons were two of the worst six seasons in Kings' history, and the worst seasons the club had in 20 years. Considering this is Kings' history we're talking about, that's pretty bad. And, beyond that, the point isn't comparing Lombardi to Kings' GMs of the past - even though he hasn't distinguished himself in even THAT company - the point is looking at his record as a whole and comparing it to the rest of the NHL. As for "sticking to the plan", again if you go back in the team's history, really the only times the Kings abandoned a plan of building from within were when they made the acquisitions for true star players like Marcel Dionne, Wayne Gretzky, and Zigmund Palffy - and, not coincidentally, those begun the three most successful periods in the history of the team.
Ok so if you are going to bomb on him for having two of the worst seasons in Kings history, you ought to be lathering up a nice one to give him credit for the team last year posting their best finish in 10 years. I'm going off their position in the standings to determine "their best finish" as to not get into a debate about shootouts.

Lets be honest, if the team isn't going to make the playoffs which they've done quite a bit in their history, you might as well finish as close to last as possible and maximize your draft pick value. While Dave Taylor's teams were continually fighting for 9th place, Lombardi swooped up some high draft picks and is turning this thing around in a few painful years. Yet you criticize Lombardi for moving out players to rebuild the team. I would just like to hear what you would have done in July of 2006 has you taken the job. They guy came up with a plan and started to execute it and no matter what he did, it was never the right move. You like the Visnovsky trade but you criticize him for making the move. Well which is it? Would you have preferred to have Lubomir on the roster now? Would you have preferred he let the guy walk instead of re-signing him and ultimately trading him? WHy don't you go through all of your criticisms and make some suggestions on what DL should have done?

Look, Lombardi is not infallible. He has made mistakes but I just get a kick out of your obvious bias against the guy and I'm not certain where it comes from. I don't know how you felt about previous Kings GM's. I would hope you share the same disdain for their performance with the Kings but something tells me you have some excuses for them.

Ultimately, for me, Lombardi's tenure will be graded solely on how close he is able to get the Kings to a Stanley Cup. Lets hope that is closer than anyone has got before. I wanna see the damn thing in a Kings players hands above his head before I die.

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