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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
The thing is though that once the tiered pricing hits the STH packages there will be a bump up by the premium games... So now that average cost will be the average cost of the premium games and the regular games. Once the already expensive season ticket seat becomes even more expensive looking at premium games would seem not so petty. We are saying we are increasing the year not on a general increase but on the basis of opponents and dates... Then those teams and dates become more desired.

My guess on our group would be that the premium games would be put into a pool that will be selected in turn before the regular games... therefore the games can be filled in evenly (date-wise) and the cost can be evened out also... the odd game being rotated along with the odd regular season so that the partner with two preseason games gets the choice of the extra premium game or passing on it. It will all be worked out, it is just that the thought of it stirred me up.

All that said, I'm now thinking, based on the fact that this is not the first season for this, is that either the STH will not be subject to the tier pricing... or they will not be but have to give up our discount and pay the face value of the lower tier in place of the next increase. I don't know which is a better value, but I'd guess that the latter would be a 10% or so rate increase... All this is pure conjecture on my part and is based on absolutely nothing.
My thinking really only works at the current rate where it seemed that some tickets went down in price from the previous set price of all tickets and some went up.

When that starts to change or they tier more dramatically it's a problem. Although your idea of throwing the premiums in an initial selection pot is a really good one.

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