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09-16-2010, 05:47 PM
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Originally Posted by go kim johnsson 514 View Post
People will still buy them for that price, I think. Fans will travel and home fans will want to see better teams.
Organizations are banking on people being willing to pony up more money for better teams or closer rivals... and as long as theer are no rate increase as there was this season, and the team is playing well and giving its all, that may be the case.

But look at the Mets and their multi-tier packages that they installed a few seasons back... They are not doing well with it, and after the initial bump of the inaugural season at Citi Field I believe they are suffering at the gate with their so-so under-producing team... The Yankees however are holding people up with masks at the new Yankee Stadium, and the fans are going up to them asking to get robbed. I don't know if the Evil Empire has a Tiered Pricing policy or not, only that every seat is expensive every games... and difficult to get.

We Flyers fans are loyal to a fault... but start messing with the pricing and giving an appearance of not being fan friendly, and they may eventually see a backlash. I believe they are smarter than that though and will tread lightly. Messing with the walk ups is okay... but they have to be careful with the base STHs and Corporate clients.

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