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Originally Posted by GSC2k2 View Post
Given that they made an offer back in August 2009 of $140M+, in the early days of their involvement, relatively speaking, I would say that your suggestion is unsupported by the facts (that one that I cited in particular). I reject the idea that their financial capacity was marginal. Certainly nothing in the Jones interview suggested a confirmation of that thesis. It remains primarily (though not entirely) a theory of silly, silly people who think of IEH as "frat boys" or penniless "day-traders".

It is probably irrelevant whether you and I agree on their financial capacity, since neither of us are in a position to make that assessment. Suffice to say that to those that matter, chiefly the City of Glendale, have publicly indicated that IEH could not or would not provide evidence of their financial capacity, and that they have therefore been eliminated as an ownership group. My main point is that this discovery should have come much earlier in the process, and I suppose that both the City of Glendale and IEH bear some responsibility for that.

I have never characterized IEH is such derogatory terms, though I have pointed out some actions and ideas proposed by them that I believe have been somewhat silly.

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