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09-16-2010, 06:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Valhoun View Post
There hasn't been a good ol' "bash Tim" thread in awhile. This should be entertaining.

I need me some popcorn.
I'm sure our good ole friend Sarah Baicker is loving this thread.

Originally Posted by go kim johnsson 514 View Post
The issue isn't so much the person writing it (ok, maybe some of it), but Zherdev is only arriving in town now, I'm sure the last thing he wanted were people in his face about why he's not speaking English. It's not the media's job to make players feel as comfortable as possible, it's to get a story, but the "we're in America, speak English" approach isn't the way to go about it.
I have no problem with a guy using a translator. Apparently Pronger and Richards have already informed Zherdev how crappy the Philly media can be to it's players, lol.

Originally Posted by flountown View Post
Yeah, it sucks that he is the Comcast guy, since he gets the call to do all the TV stuff, and he has no business being on TV, he ends up looking like an idiot...watching him right now is terrible...
For a guy who watches as much hockey as he does, it surprises me that he seems so ... idk ... uninformed about the game and the rules of the game. However, I wouldnt read into it much. The problem is not him, it's his employer for not hiring Meltzer to do it.

Originally Posted by Rick Blaine View Post
Pannacio should become a verb too. The translation would be stupid.

I wonder if he'd have a problem with that.
I don't like bashing Timmeh as a PERSON, but as a FLYERS WRITER, he leaves something to be desired IMHO.

Originally Posted by The Inebriator View Post
Gotta love how he twists zherdev's desire not to say the wrong thing or have his words twisted in a filthy media town as evidence that he has an attitude problem. What a dunce. Seems pretty apparent he has something against the guy already
One of the Flyers most important moments since the last cup was when they defeated the Russian team. If you google Flyers hockey, that Russian-Flyers game pops up right after they mention the 2 Stanley Cups, lol.

I guess some people are from a different era where Russians are still "evil".

I know full well that Zherdev is not Russian, but if you ask many Americans, if he speaks Russian, then he is Russian. That kind of labeling occurs when a person doesnt understand and doesnt care to learn either. That apathy pisses me off, because it seems those apathetic people are often way more outspoken about things then they should be.

Originally Posted by mirimon View Post
Yeah, but his french was terrible though. Stupid Finn who wouldn't learn to speak like a proper québécois... I kid of course, but wasn't there some silly controverse about how he only spoke English in a pre-game video or something like that?

Anyway, if Zherdev doesn't feel confident enough with his English to give interviews without a translator, maybe the reporters should try to learn Russian. It's a fascinating language.
To me, not learning French when your on the Habs isn't a big deal. The VAST majority of the NHL speaks English. I'd expect an athlete to learn a few things like basic answers to questions. However, if they were to try to articulate their answers, I'd expect them to speak English (since he is fluent in it) or use a translator.

I don't understand why people make such a big deal about it.

I DO understand people who live in a country for more then a temporary residence and refuse to learn the language. If I moved to Spain, I'd be a huge dick for never learning Spanish, lol. If I played for a team in Spain and only lived there during the season, I dont see why people would get upset I used a translator. (I can actually understand Spanish for the most part, but that's besides the point.)

Some people just seem INCAPABLE of trying to think through someone elses perspective.

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