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09-16-2010, 07:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Headcoach View Post
Ok, not sure if someone said this already but, this move is called a "Heel to Heel" pivot. Now, the video above show a great example. But, the minute you make that turn, you need to get right into a twin crossover in one direction, followed by a transtion of weight transfer, to a twin crossover in the other direction.

If you just skate back like in the video, you will have limited mobility moving laterally. Plus, when you move into a twin crossover after the turn, the twin crossover helps you increase your speed to control the gap distance.

Head coach
What headcoach said! As soon as I execute the pivot, I'm ready to cross in whichever direction I need to in order to cover the offensive player.

If someone is trying to learn this, get the pivot first, then learn the backwards crossovers and then put the two together. Might be a bit frustrating I'd think to try and learn it all in one maneuver.

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