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09-17-2010, 12:50 AM
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Originally Posted by swissexpert View Post
I can see following Players begin the Season in training camps:

Hiller (100% chance of making the roster)
Streit (100%)
Sbisa (75%, depends on the Duck's D-situation)
Niederreiter (10% - 40%,depends on the team that drafts him)
Josi (30%, will Hamhuis resign, can Sulzer, Blum make the roster?)
Weber (20%, depends on retirings, resignings)
Simek (10%, was on the team until the last cut in last camp, this year he was even better in AHL)
Mayer (2%, they have better Goalies behind Halak, Price)
Wick (40%, if yes, he'll play top 6 forward!)
Ambühl (10%, maybe with better luck)
Deruns (10%)
Stephan (40%, if he'll be invited, I see him as a Back-Up)
Gerber (50%, like Stephan)

haha, 13 swiss players in the training camps, this would be awesome, but I don't see this happen
sorry, but I have to quote this old stuff. After I wrote this, many of you said it would be impossible and even I by myself thought it would be a little bit unrealistic
And now, it happened exactly that way, not with the same players but 13 camp invitees.
Ambühl and Deruns decided to stay here in Switzerland, but Schlumpf and Berger showed up and the Stars changed Stephan with Blindenbacher.
That's amazing!
With the chance of making the team I was also not that wrong. for now, I would change Sbisa up to 95%, Nino to 70% (at least the first 9 games) Josi and Weber will be first men to call-up because of injuries, so 45% is ok.
Simek, Schlumpf, Mayer and Berger need very good camps to have a chance -> 15%. Blindenbacher, Wick and Gerber will be around the roster, ready if the team needs them. I would say 55%.

Beside Streit, Hiller and Sbisa, we will see 3 other guys on opening night rosters I guess. Don't want to say which ones

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