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09-17-2010, 02:39 AM
Catamarca Livin
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To be fair AV questioned Hodgson's character. So it was just not fans saying things. Also, when they do not even know what is wrong with him how would fans know. The fans have been fine. Of course fans are going to wonder what is going on when a top prospect plays like crap then blames an injury that the team thinks is a minor injury. Then this player does not play for another 4 months comes back to play, then after eliminated from the OHL playoffs does not play in Manitoba because of a broken foot. Later he does not come to prospect camp because he is already training in Ontario. Next he is used as promotion for the young prospect tourney. Finally we find out he can not play as he has been injured the whole summer and just started training hard in August. So do not blame the fans. If the team did not question him and bothered to inform us no one would have gotten the wrong idea in the first place. I think the fans have been really understanding considering the situation. Hell more than half the posters were placing Hodgson in the opening day line up though he has not shown anything in a year and a half. Do not blame the fans we have been misinformed the whole way through this, and every fan is hoping for the best for Cody and the Canucks.

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