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09-17-2010, 02:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Wetcoaster View Post
I wonder why? Perhaps because we have not actually heard directly from Hodgson or his agent.

It sounds as if he is unlikely to play based on Gillis' follow-up on his more positive radio interview. We seems to be back at the bulging disc issue causing ongoing problems:

Not hard to see why questions are being asked when the story keeps changing daily - and Gillis "misspeaks".

How tough would it be for Hodgson to release a statement saying he never had any issues with the Canucks over his medical care and reassignment to junior and he thinks Alain Vigneault is a great guy? It would not even require a press conference.

Of course if that statement would not be one Hodgson is willing to sign off on then...
I would think Cody has every right to be pissed the hell off at this situation.

Misdiagnosed, skewered in the media, called out publicly by the coach..He hasn't exactly had a smooth ride since his arrival in Vancouver.

That said, from all accounts the kid is all character, and I really, really, want him on this team. Hopefully he can heal from whatever's ailing him and work out any (if any) problems with management and become the player we've all wanted him to become the past two years.

Again, I'd be really pissed if I was Cody Hodgson, a 19 year old kid who really has shown class, in my opinion, through this whole scenario, only to be the egg white in a whipped media frenzy thanks to the likes of Jason Botchford, Ed Willes, and Ian McIntyre.

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