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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
Point by point, i am going to humiliate you.

There is no pressure on Deboer in a standings sense. Very few stakeholders, whether it be fans, management or press, expect the Panthers to be a competitive team this year. If last year we were a lottery team, then this year we are also a lottery team. From this perspective, PDB actually has less pressure on actual results.

If Horton and Ballard do well, sure it puts some question marks on our coaches ability to extract maximum capacity. But then it works both ways. PDB coached Horton to his best ever season last year ; and with Horton, its about more about him than the coach he has. Ballard had a terrible year, and i am at a loss to explain why.

Wideman had an awful year. Much like Ballard, he is on a recovery mission. Bernier will suck ; expect it. His influence on Grabner shall be the interesting one.

There shouldn't be a hangover from the Boynton incident because it happened a year and a half ago.

Judging PDB is hard. But its certainly unfair to base his position and tenure on the year upcoming, because the roster is going to be one of the worst in the NHL. Until PDB has a solid roster to work with, or it becomes very apparent that within the dressing room their is significant discontent with him, assessing PDB and deciding to relieve him of his duties seems a little brash.
I only wanted to address the 2 highlighted points. I still think Tallon will be judging PDB regardless of what the roster may or may not look like. I'm sure he is going to expect a lot of the players to the point that he expects significant improvement.

He's (Tallon) already penciled in Higgins as the 2nd line LW and I'm sure expects a return to his 20 goal form. I'm sure Tallon is also expecting Booth to return to form, Frolik to take a bigger role, Matthias to improve and Grabner to be an impact player. If PDB fails to get the performance out of these players, I would seriously not be surprised to see Tallon replace PDB at some point this season.

And remember Tallon replaced Denis Savard quickly into a season and that was because he just found a coach he liked more in Quenneville. So I agree with the premise that the results or how he's getting along with the players (from this article and previous reports from the Boynton incident) may not determine PDB's fate as Panthers coach. I think it will just depend on whether Tallon believes he is the right coach for the team he wants to build or if there's a better candidate available.

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