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09-17-2010, 09:12 AM
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Originally Posted by quat View Post
The thing that really kills me, is that the majority of criticism of Hodgson is a creation of the media. They act like they are reporting "what people are saying", when I'm sure it's more often than not, just themselves stirring the pot to garner attention.

Even when you get a fairly decent interview like the one between Gillis and Botchford, when you actually hear the interview and then read Botchfords interpretation, it's hard not to notice the "angle" Botchford is trying to create.

The whole reason behind Gillis going on Twitter is a great example of this. Several times Botchford is cracking jokes about how it must be that Gillis doesn't like the media, and Gillis ignores all the comments until the last one, where he kind of admits, very tongue in cheek that yes, it's because he doesn't like the media, and goes on at some length to explain the real reason is about how the younger fans want that kind of interaction, etc, etc.

Yet Botchford leads the reader into feeling that the real reason Gillis is doing it is to avoid having to go through the media.

Heh. Sorry about the rant, but this whole Hodgson fiasco has rubbed me the wrong way.

Roberts sure sounds like the kind of guy you'd want your young players training with, and it's good to get some positive word about Cody's health. If I were Gillis, I'd be very interested in seeing if Roberts would be interested in working full time with the Canucks organization, or at least in some capacity.
100% bang on. I came here to post that.

Roberts — who’s aware that Hodgson has been beaten up by some in Canucks Nation — also can’t say enough about the 20-year-old’s character, commitment and work ethic.
**** Jamieson. 99% of the people 'beating' Hodgson up are the media. What a deceiving and unethical quote.

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