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Originally Posted by Not The One View Post
I'm certainly not an expert on scouting, but what does it matter what program they are from? You're drafting an individual, not a program. Who cares if Zach Parise or Bobby Ryan are from the US. They were not drafted by us and do not play for us. Is Zach Parise being good going to guarantee that Max Pacioretty is going to be a good player?

None of our EIGHT US-based first-round picks in the last decade are stars, and none are playing for us or contributing to our success right now. And, that is not "a number of US guys", that is more first round picks from a specific system than any other NHL team. Nobody is less diverse than the Habs when it comes to first-round picks

There are still a few interesting US-based prospects in our system, and they certainly deserve their chance, but I'm questionning if we aren't going to look back on our 2000's drafting and see the same thing as our 90's WHL "Western Beef" era.
The point is that your going to see a lot of NHL teams drafting more from the US and Sweden, since their programs are on the rise. The Habs are no different, just haven't been picking the right ones, although it's early as the changes to the US program are more recent, as the landscape changed for the '05 draft and it likely takes a few years for it to catch on.

So when you ask why does Timmins keep selecting 1st rounders from the US, it has something to do with the big improvements the US is making in their hockey programs. I'm not saying he only picks guys from the US, or only because it's an up and coming program in the scouting world, just that it's not surprising to me.

Originally Posted by habsrock76 View Post
I believe part of the problem is a combination of Timmins focusing to much on athleticism (although i do agree skating is important) and opting to take players who are going the college route.

Due to the cap the NHL is getting younger every year, and the quicker players are able to compete in the league the more competitive your team will be. The CHL is producing more NHL ready players and in a quicker time frame as opposed to the NCAA (ie: Tinordi going the CHL route). This is where the habs should be focusing their scouting efforts for the upcoming years.
I don't think the problem is where he's picking his players from. The Habs have not done well in drafting out of the Q and the OHL sans Subban. In the dub there's Price and Chipchura in the 1st round, White, Maxwell, Cepek, isn't looking so great either but that could change if Price turns into a top 10 goalie and White should be a solid 4th liner. I didn't include Gallagher since he was just drafted 3 months ago so it's hard to say what we have there.

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