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09-17-2010, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Proto View Post
This is the perfect encapsulation of your bizarre reductionist tendencies. Do you really think there's no difference between an article that is 100% speculation and one that has some new information in it? People don't care about the rift part of the article. They care about the new information about how hard Hodgson worked and what Gary Roberts opinion is of him.

In short, I'd rather read a report on Gary Roberts' opinion of Hodgson and factual information about what Hodgson did this summer than some reporter's wild speculation.
All I've wanted all along was for Hodgson himself to comment on the situation. I've never supported a rift theory, more that the franchise is sketchy regarding information on the subject, and thus it would be better for fans and media to talk to Hodgson himself.

I mean, essentially, what just happened, that little 'tweet' was exactly all I wanted, a few comments from Hodgson. The only people appearing radical are people like yourself, acting as if I want something completely out of line with reality.

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