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04-25-2005, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by 417 TO MTL
I agree with you about Cola, Steen, and you make a good case for Wellwood, although i'm not 100% sold on him as much as Leafs fans are (funny how you think Wellwood doubling Hossa's point output is a determining factor in choosing him over Hossa, yet it's not for other players, even when it's at the NHL level, interesting logic )
Doubling Hossa's numbers means more than what you think. Wellwood is showing great improvement and has the commitment and consistancy to perform well where ever he goes.
Hossa is floundering...

I don't see how you've determined that Robbie Earl is a safer bet to make the NHL, considering that Hossa is on the cusp?
Whoops, I should have said the Earl is a safer bet to make the NHL AND make an impact when there.

You also prefer Ian White and Brendan Bell to Marcel Hossa stating that both players should see time as 5th and 6th defesman with the Leafs? Is that going to be your bottom pairing?If so, than Hossa will have a way more successful career than I thought...
I'd much rather have a solid bottom pairing that is capable of performing in any situation (PP, PK) than a fringe NHL forward.

John Mitchell, decent prospect at best IMO, if you'd rather have him than Hossa at this point in their respective careers , there's not much left to say then...can he contribute more to the Leafs next year than Hossa could? I'll let you answer that question....
At this point in their respective careers? Mitchell just finished playing in the OHL. Hossa has been floating around the AHL for three years and has not impressed at all. I'd much rather have a decent prospect that has a chance of making the Leafs and performing well in his role than Hossa who will not make an impact playing any role on the team (checker (which is laughable, considering he's a one dimensional player), or on the scoring line (if he did happen to be put on the scoring, Montreal is in trouble)).

Mitchell will contribure more to the Leafs in 3 years than Hossa can next year. Therefore, Mitchell > Hossa at this point.

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