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10-03-2003, 10:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Stephen
If Anaheim really wanted to keep Kariya they would have qualified him. Committing to Fedorov long term instead was a mistake. The guy is in his mid 30's, and in terms of production has actually been outscored by the supposedly underachieving Kariya by a 392 to 345 margin in the last five years. Kariya played with a cellar dweller, Fedorov played with a bunch of future Hall of Famers.
You sound like Randy Youngman, a *cough* reporter with the OC Register, and full-time Kariya butt kisser and publicist.

Well, PK's production didn't merit $10M/yr. In 98-99 he had 101 points. Then after he held out and signed his $10M/yr. contract, his production dropped to 86 points in 99-00; 67 in 00-01; 57 in 01-02; and 81 in 02-03. So those numbers are worth $10M/yr.? If you were the GM of the Ducks and handled all player salary negotiations, they would definitely be the Rangers of the West.

And for part of those five years, Kariya played with Selanne, hardly chopped liver in terms of scoring. And last year (you know, the non-cellar dwelling year), Kariya played with Adam Oates and Petr Sykora, so that helped his numbers also

Fedorov is 33, same age as Selanne; you make him sound like he's on his last legs. Also, part of Fedorov's value is his ability to play great two-way hockey. If a player is playing both ends of the ice instead hanging around the perimeters a lot, then of course he isn't going to be scoring as much. A lot of people, non-Duck fans included, would say Fedorov is an upgrade over Kariya.

Anyway the point of asking Kariya to take a pay cut was the Ducks were trying to improve the team, but they needed Kariya to be flexible with his salary. If Paul Kariya really wanted to finish what he started, and stay with Anaheim to try to win the SC (he did say that you know), it seem like he would have been more willing the renegotiate his contract.

What Bryan Murray did was take a chance that Kariya was willing to stay in Anaheim for les than $10M/yr. But if Kariya and Murray discussed what Anaheim's plans were as Murray said they did (see what I said above re:the Globe and Mail article), then Kariya deliberately mislead Murray into thinking he was agreeable to taking a pay cut when he really wasn't. This misrepresentation might have been a factor in Murray taking the chance of not qualifying Kariya.

The Ducks went after Fedorov after Kariya forced their hands. And in regards to Fedorovs contract, could it be possible that Murray actually had a reason for structuring the Fedorov contract in the manner that he did (with the player options after the first two years and the contract being front loaded)? I'm not sure Murray is exactly counting on Fedorov being with the Ducks long term.

QUOTE=Stephen]To not qualify Kariya and then turn around and sign a guy who isn't an upgrade for almost the same money long term is just nonsense. Goes to show money wasn't the issue.[/QUOTE]

Fedorov's contract averages out to $8M/yr., so that is a difference of $2M/yr. And, discounting the signing bonuses, the Ducks actually got both Fedorov and Prospal ($3.3M) for not much more than what they would have paid for just Kariya. I would say that's an upgrade. Goes to show money was the issue.

And as I said before, they probably would not have gone after Fedorov if Kariya had resigned for less. Or maybe as Murray facetiously said, the Ducks might have gone after Fedorov if Kariya signed with Anaheim for $1.2M.

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