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09-17-2010, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Wetcoaster View Post
So then the Canucks were being deliberately deceptive when Hodgson was featured in advertising for the tournament?
Maybe the advertising was published before they knew for sure who was going to be on the roster. I seriously doubt that the prospect game is so commercially important that the Canucks would "deceive" their own fan base to sell cheap tickets. What monetary gain would that get them? A few lousy thousand or so? This hockey market is a big one not a desperate one.The notion of a petty marketing consipracy is purely for entertainment.

And as for Hodgson.. I agree with Roberts. Just give him some time, let him heal and assess his abilities when he starts playing. I think its amusing that people are penciling him into the starting lineup already based on his hype and his awards. Being a top ten draft pick doesn't automatically mean that your game will transate well at the NHL level and become a superstar, there's tons of top ten picks that turn out to be busts because of poor development or injuries. Ill pencil Hodgson into my starting lineup the second he starts showing that he deserves the spot. So far he hasn't even done that yet.

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