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09-17-2010, 06:21 PM
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Just thought I'd post a little update this...

I was at the LHS getting my shinguards and thought that while I was there I'd try on skates again. It's been about 2 months since I got my first skates and starting practicing regularly. Well, all the sizes that I'd tried on two months ago that felt waaay too small now seem to fit me really well. It's like my feet are completely different, or at least my perspective on what feels good is different. Maybe a little of both. I know I've lost a few pounds (mostly out of my butt - yay!) and I'm way stronger in my legs. But it was really striking how different all the skates felt from two months ago.

So, in the end I traded my used Easton Synergys 4.5EE in for a brand new pair of the same skate (on clearance!) in a 4.0EE, and I probably could've even gone for the regular width, but they were out.

I tried them out today and I love them. I'm working on backwards crossovers and transitions now and both seemed to be a bit easier. I seemed to have more control at the end of my toe too.

In summary...I'm glad that I bought used for my first skate, and get my feet used to skating and give me time to figure out what a better skate would feel like for me before splurging on new ones. (Though in the end it wasn't really "splurging", since the lower-mid range skates I got fit me better than the spendier skates I tried.)

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