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09-17-2010, 06:28 PM
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Originally Posted by CHGoalie27 View Post
I didn't say he had a good year last year. I'm just saying it was for different reasons than said.

AGAIN!?! It's taking me every ounce of energy and love for the fellow poster NOT to type a page and a half on why it MIGHT be a good idea to TRY! (I never even said defniately!) Dammit. couple's therapy, they teach everyone not to place blame on the other half and to focus on what wrongs you do yourself!
No, it wouldn't be acceptable to say "OK, NO MORE OF ME ARGUING HAREBRAINED IDEAS"
It would however be acceptable to say "OK, NO ME MORE ARGUING" ~~~!!!

...but for us killing each other I could challenge you to a dual...checking my schedule, I can pencil you in for high noon.

I don't know...on Dec 21 we won a two sided battle against the eastern conference champs...I'd say depending on the minor league rotations and who's on what line, we had a damn good roster. Problem is anything that showed work ethic or any kind of physical play, he would send them right back down...
Boyton was playing awesome when he was benched. What would a player and coach be fighting about? If it was anything to do with hockey, I immediately place blame on PDB for trying to critique a guy who knows he shouldn't have to be under the microscope for anything at that time. Again, I don't know exactly, but if...

As for judging him on this year- if anything he's been often accused of being a minor league coach in the bigs...well, now he has a minor league looking team in front of would this not be the best season to judge this coach???
1) Whaaat???

2)Boynton was playing horribly when he was benched, thus why he was benched for 2/3 of the game. When Boynton had his ups he was good, when he had his downs he was terrible. That was definitely during one of his down periods.

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