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Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
Different times back then. No cold war, other sports have become bigger, media interest outside of the top 6-7 is a lot smaller than before.

World Championships are like two week Mardi Gras for European fans, it does't matter much to them, at home or to those attending the games, what leagues the players come from. The fans are there to get drunk and support their country, the same applies to the fans in front of their tvs, though they also spend a lot of time complaining about their team on message boards.

Considering the amount of posts the Soccer section got before the EPl start, I'd be willing to bet that if there is a World Cup in 2012, that section will still get lot of interest, if not more. Personally, Team Finland is expected to suck then, games are likely to be on pay tv in the middle of the might -> ManU's games will get more interest from me. Not to mention that the sports calendar that year will already have seen the Euro 2012 June 8th - July 1st and the London Olympic Games July 27th - August 12th. No one (outside of Canada) is going to care about a hockey tournament in August/September after those.
That's why hockey was better back then. Gretzky implied that by saying international hockey will never be same again after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Plus back then you Lemieux and Gretzky battling for 200 points and Brett Hull trying to get 100 goals and now the players can't do jack squat compared to that!!

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