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09-17-2010, 08:03 PM
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Fischer was a bad pick - the only bad first round pick Timmins has made - yet "Montreal" proclaims that our first round drafting under Timmins has been brutal.

that is particularly presumptuous considering that four of Timmins' picks aren't even ready for the NHL yet as it's only been four years since they were drafted.

Perhaps we should wait a little while before making such bold proclamations. Frankly I'm surprised Dan that you would be so quick to judge when the jury is still very much out on more than half the picks he has made.

Kosty hasn't lived up to his high expectations, but he was still a first round pick if you did the first 30 picks again, so it was far from brutal.

Chipchura being drafted 18th overall in 2004 was actually a half decent pick if you go back and look at the first round - nothing brutal about that pick at all if you are actually objective.

Price is looking like a solid first round pick - may turn out to be one of the top five first round picks from that draft - still too early to judge as goalies take a little longer to develop....yet his resume so far if you look at what most goalies achieve by the age of 23 is pretty impressive, and there's still room to grow.

Fischer was a bad pick - no question. shouldn't have been made. Pat Westrum really liked him and pushed for him, and Trevor, even though he liked Giroux a lot, went with Westrum's advice. Westrum had even coached Fischer at one point, and thought he was a diamond in the rough. To Trevor's credit he wasn't entirely sold on the pick or he'd have never traded down and gotten a second-round pick, which he used on Carle. The 2006 draft was far from fabulous...Carle still has a chance to be better than some of the other first round picks from that draft. Brutal first pick yes - but at least there is still some hope with Carle.

It's too early to pass any sort of judgement on the last four first round picks, but none of them are looking like they were bad picks, just the opposite. To classify Timmin's first round picks as brutal to me is way off base.

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