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09-17-2010, 10:09 PM
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Originally Posted by JLHockeyKnight View Post
So I've been on and off thinking of becoming a Volunteer Firefighter. My step dad, dad, granddad, and loads of family friends (older) have all been one. Kind of one of those "regrets" in my life for never doing it. Anyone ever been one? Experiences? Know someone?
Never been one. Know a ton of them. Volunteer fire (and EMS) tend to attract their share of wack-a-doos, but you've always come across level headed and mature. In it for the right reasons and it appears to be very rewarding and something most people stick with for years.

Originally Posted by SolidSnakeUS View Post
I know she won't pick up because of all the work that she has to do. As in 7 days a week of classes plus all the homework and other things she does. Maybe I'll give her one tomorrow, hopefully she would pick up.
You answered what the issue is! If she's really that swamped, she may just not have had the time to call you. Call her, or - what's "in" with you kids - text her telling her you're thinking of her, know she's busy, and to hit you up when she finds free time.

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