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09-18-2010, 12:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Lundqvist4Vezina View Post
That's awesome, man.

The weather's cool, really. Always wanted to see a tornado. There was two water spouts in the bay last summer and I live on a canal that's a couple hudred feet long that leads out to the part of the bay where they were. I was so pissed because I wasn't home. And I was always hoping for a small hurricane to come through once. I know it sounds pretty stupid, but it's pretty sick to experience.

You'd love Florida afternoons in the summer. It's ridiculous. I'm sure you can figure that out knowing of the hockey team in Tampa called the "Lightning". haha
haha for sure. yea man, as silly as it sounds im 100% with you. i want to experience all of it. however, there are soo many people like us who are now wishing to never want to experience something like this......unlike before when they were craving for it. it's the atmopshere can act in any minute.

this setup wasn't even came out of no where around peak rush hour hours and im shocked at how only 1 fatality occured. amazing stuff all around.

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