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09-17-2010, 11:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Lard_Lad View Post
Anthony still at #7. Seriously, can somebody make a logical argument for him being a better prospect than Sweatt, and having the same potential top end as Rodin and Shirokov? One more so-so season in the Q and he's not even going to get a contract.
those rankings are clearly out to lunch, and there's no real argument for Anthony being that high. but in fairness, IMO Anthony does have a higher ceiling than Sweatt offensively at least. it just so happens that Anthony is wildly inconsistent and may never even come close to realizing his full potential...whereas Sweatt seems a much safer bet to reach his (somewhat lower) full potential.

watching Anthony over the last couple's amazing how he can be such a completely different player from game to game at different points of the year. i won't be out on the east coast this year, so i doubt i'll have a chance to see him much at all, but i'm really hoping he can finally take that step and put together a full, consistent season. if he can do that, and puts up the sort of points that he was originally on track for last year through a full season...he could draw a lot of attention. at times it really looks like he has the skill...just needs to bring it consistently, and he also has the advantage of really having the physical tools as well.

but if he once again fails to put together a 'complete season', who knows how far off the rails his career will head.

the general consensus is totally correct though. that's far too high to rate such a complete wildcard at this point.

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