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09-18-2010, 01:57 AM
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Originally Posted by The Wheeled Winger View Post
So after having skated a few times on my skates, I'm still having problems with tightness around the ankles (or rather, the lack thereof). While my purchased skates are 2329392832 times better than the rentals, I'm just not quite able to get them tight enough around my ankles no matter how tight I tie them.

Part of the problem is my shoe size is a 12A. Yes, I walk on skis. My skates are 11.5D (length is fine), and I honestly haven't seen any skate slimmer than a D at that length. The Missions were the best fitting pair I happened to try (that was in my price range).

I wear double socks, and it helps. Should I try triple socks? What can I do to get a more secure fit around the ankles?
It's going to take more than that to break in a new pair of hockey skates.

I bought an RBK 9K years ago and which was triple the cost of my previous skate. I almost gave up on the 9K after 3 weeks of frustration as they felt like crap. And I was playing hockey on average of 4 times a week.

It actually took between 1 - 2 months for the skate to start breaking in and feel comfortable and took somewhere between 2 - 4 months to start finally feel like an old pair of slippers. Now I can't imagine ever going back to my lower end skates and just keep them for spare (when I need to re-steel my 9Ks).

Now mind you, the break in period will vary depending on a lot of things. How often you play, how demanding you are to your skates when you play, possibly your weight and possibly depending on the model of the skates too.

Eventually the material on the ankle will soften up after X amount of times you've laced on your skates.

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