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09-18-2010, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by CHGoalie27 View Post
1) whenever Deboer had the choice between say Kreps and Repik or Oresko and Duco...he'd usually seem to go the stylings like those of the first pair...Dec 21 was a beautiful roster most obviously made for a playoff battle...I could be wrong but I don't think that he had that exact line-up ever again...
It was a roster that if Horton hadn't gotten injured, we might have made the playoffs. I wouldn't go so far as to call it a damn good roster or a beautiful one. That game against Philly was great, yes, but it takes 82 games to make the playoffs. Every team is capable of a few great games here and there throughout a season. Even though we'll never know for sure, I don't think even with a lineup with more toughness that we'd have fared a whole lot differently last season. I mean face it, it was a lineup that had to stay mostly healthy to make the playoffs. It didn't, and subsequently they didn't. Maybe Booth wouldn't have gotten nailed, then again maybe he would have. No one knows these things.

2) He and Ballard were as perfect as you could ask of them during the dogfight that saw us barely missing the playoffs tied in pts with the 8th..the dogfight that seemed to fall off when Boynton didn't take that road trip after he had one (or two but no more) bad games...and the team didn't recover. Like our playoff ride ended at
Zednik's neck the year before, I saw our playoff ride truly died during that road trip that year.
I definitely wouldn't say they were as perfect as you could ask. They were a solid 2nd pairing, let's leave it at that. It seems like you're trying to gloss over Boynton's bad times. He definitely had his fair share. When he was bad, he was baaaaaad. And in NY when he was benched, he was bad.

While the Boynton suspension may have played a part, I don't think that was entirely the reason we missed the playoffs, maybe not even a big reason. When we started to slide, that also coincided exactly with when Horton and McCabe got injured in the same game against St. Louis. At that point, we were a couple games above .500 in the last several games we had played. Once they went out, then we went into a slump. That definitely played a big part.

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