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09-18-2010, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by poutineplato View Post
Wow u said something positive? holy ****!
You remind me of an old cranky person who waves their fist around and mumbles.

Originally Posted by FanDesSenateurs View Post
Tgor is a joke i hate listening to it on my way to work so
I have to turn on the team 990 in the the morning even tho It sounds like **** . All Tgor talks about is dumb **** like boobs shows on tv , personal stories no one cares about they have no good takes on actual sports anyone who barely knows anything about sports could run that morning show the only thing that I can listen to is the healthy scratches other than that tgor is a joke i really wish they where took off the air
Jim is a ****** who knows nothing about sports jr has noting interesting to say and steve's sports takes are terrible (whenever they actually talk about sports )

Sports radio my ass !!!!
J.R. is probably the best voice for sports on Ottawa radio. He is just stuck doing the morning show. Back in the OSR 1200 days he did monday to friday by himself and he was really good.

I think they have too much fun doing the show and don't realize that it is easy to turn the channel. Everyone is basically doing the same format. They read the same email's from the same guys everyday giving their ego's a boost.

They think that they are wild and crazy but they are not.

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