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Originally Posted by bipolarhabfan View Post
So will have to be blind followers of a team? We cannot question the team's drafting? Would you apply this same philosophy to our government?

I believe our drafting has been horrendous, hence the need for a rebuild via the UFA route last season. Practically every team has gotten a great player in the first round in the last 10-20 years. We have not. All we have to show for it is a couple of borderline players and question marks. When was the last time the Habs drafted someone that was capable of scoring 80 to 90 points a season, what I would call an elite level talent? The only players that come to mind are Stephane Richer, drafted 29th overall in 84 and John LeClair, drafted 33rd overall in 87. We are literally talking about a quarter century here.

Does anyone remember the last time we drafted a player that scored 100 points in the NHL? We have to go back to the Iranian Hostage crisis and before the Canadian Charter of Rights. The year was 1979, the player Mats Naslund. He scored his 110 points in 1986, a year where Bon Jovi was Givin' Love a Bad Name and Brian Mulroney was making a bad name for himself.

I laid on the hyperbole a bit thick but it was necessary.
We won in 86 lost in finals in 89, won in 93, and just missed finals last year. Look at a team like Boston who have had premier guys in those years and they still have a big goose egg. I am less worried about a premier guy as long as the team is solid from 1st line to fourth. Jersey won with a team first attitude. If Price starts to shine and Subban can come close to Markov's talent we have a contender.

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